Luckenbach, Texas — Greatness

Earlier this month, the wife and I made a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas.  It’s Texas wine country at its finest, and there are tons of wineries to visit, both in-town tasting rooms as well as vineyards / tasting rooms on Highway 290.  We had a blast, no doubt.

The thing I was looking forward to on this trip, however, was a visit to Luckenbach.  Growing up listening to country music, this place is one of those things you’ve heard about but likely haven’t been to.  It’s just about 10 miles from Fredericksburg proper, in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

Historical sign about Luckenbach, Texas.

Historical sign about Luckenbach, Texas.

Our arrival revealed dedicated motorcycle parking, which let me know right off the bat that we were welcome there!

Luckenbach, Texas - Dedicated Motorcycle Parking

Luckenbach, Texas - Outside Post Office, Store

It was a lazy afternoon, not crowded for which I was thankful.  Our bartender / security man told us there are a couple huge events held there, and there is a lot of overflow parking and camping areas, as well as RV hookups around the grounds.

Luckenbach, Texas - Bartender

The primary thing there is to do here is listen to music.  They’ll have someone come out, play some acoustic music, maybe bring some friends.  They played music, told stories and jokes.

We enjoyed some beer and the great music.  I wandered around the grounds a bit, checking out the little bridge over the (currently) dry stream bed.

There were roosters.  Sometimes crowing over the music!

There is food, too.  Sausage on a stick?  Yes, please.

Luckenbach, Texas - Food

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back.  We’re considering taking the truck down so we can maybe buy some wine to bring home, though taking the bike is really awesome for this.  There are some great rides.

Luckenbach, Texas - Will and Lucinda in front of sign

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