“Class Fatigue” vs. “The Joy of Riding”

    I was thinking this morning about a statistic I read last year about how many people have a motorcycle license as opposed to those who actually own a motorcycle.  I can't find the specific statistic now, but this article talks about "sleepers" and goes into some of the reasons behind this truth. The … Continue reading “Class Fatigue” vs. “The Joy of Riding”

Mancation – Considering the Weather (and Other Factors)

Once or twice a year, my "Geek Squad" buddies head from the Dallas area up to some cabins in northern Arkansas for our "mancation".  There's fishing.  There's drinking.  There's poker.  There are cigars.  And there are board games.  Strategy games.  Really geeky games.  I'm not particularly skilled at strategy games, or poker, but I really … Continue reading Mancation – Considering the Weather (and Other Factors)