The Hill Country MC Rally, Fredericksburg, and Luckenbach

The wife and I were fortunate to be able to take some time off and attend a new bike rally:  The Hill Country MC Rally, hosted in Luckenbach, Texas.  This is a typical Friday-Sunday event, with a pre-rally get-together at Hondo’s in downtown Fredericksburg.

We had bought our tickets really far in advance, and had I known the weather on the Thursday drive down and Friday would be as horribly rainy as it turned out to be, I probably would not have attended.  But we are so glad we went!

We got caught in some heavy, heavy rain on the drive down just outside of DFW and had to stop under a bridge.  Our rain gear, infrequently used, is just low cost (almost disposable) stuff I picked up on clearance, and we didn’t even have it on.



Stopped under the bridge.  Major thunderstorm.  We got wet.  It was windy.  Obviously.


The bulk of the heavy thunderstorm we were in passed by after about 30 minutes and we got back on the road.  We were already wet, and got wetter if that was possible by this time.  We stopped after another 30 minutes, put on the rain gear and road some more.  By now, my boots are soaked.  By the time we got to the hotel, everything (except my boots) was dry, having ditched the rain gear at some point along the way.  I just dropped the hotel’s hair dryer in each boot for a few minutes and the problem was solved.

When we did get to Fredericksburg, the rain had pretty much gone away and we were able to enjoy some great riding that Thursday night.  Friday morning, however, the rain had returned….

I decided I wasn’t going to ride out to the un-paved Luckenbach area with the rain.  The prospect of sitting in the hotel, however, well…let’s just say I didn’t ride down there to watch TV all day.  We made a call to Vine and Wine Adventures, a winery tour company.   The owner, Johnny, answered the phone and sounded a bit sleepy.  His wife had just given birth to their first child a couple of days prior and hadn’t planned on running any tours that day, but was a bit glad for an opportunity to work.  Within an hour he picked us up, just the two of us, for a winery tour.

Johnny was a great guy, I must tell you — please use his business!  He was just the best.  Hands down.  We went to several wineries, all with excellent wines.  He even took us to a great chocolate shop!   We bought about 2 pounds of chocolate to take home!


I wish I had taken more and better pictures on this trip.

Wine, Oil, Champagne

Of course, we bought wine! (And a great olive oil and a sparkling wine.)

We met some new people at the rally, who invited us to ride with them.  Renee and Raymond.  Fortunately, Renee is very gregarious, since Lucinda and I aren’t!  We really don’t talk to folks unless they approach us first.  Raymond had a trike built out a VW bug, using the car’s motor!  What a rig!


Cool trike!  (And typical of me, I got pictures of the tech and forgot the people!)

The rally itself was…a rally.  People, food, music.  I would go again!

Well, that’s our trip recap.  I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot of details.  We had cigars and listened to an excellent band at Lincoln St.  That place really is worth a stop!  Wish it were closer!

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