Getting Colder in DFW (And less riding, anyway.)


Image courtesy of NBC 5 – KXAS

It’s starting to get to be that time.  The above picture is certainly an exaggeration for October in Dallas, though.   The high today (Oct. 11, 2018) is supposed to be around 70°, which is most certainly ride-quality.  Leaving on my (short) commute on the bike this morning, though, it was around 50°… that’s chilly.   (Believe me, I’m happy with what we get here in Dallas…. I know those poor saps up north have it way worse!)

My thin, thermal long johns under my jeans really do a great job of cutting the wind and cold while riding the bike.  Coupled with my full helmet instead of my half-helmet, along with my leather jacket, and I barely feel it.  The more clothes I wear, though, and I start to feel like this.

If you’re following along on this blog, you’ll know that my last post was about the wife’s accident.  She’s recovering well, thanks for asking, and she actually rode with me on my Heritage two weeks ago.  It’s the first time she’s ridden and it went as well as can be expected.  She had difficulty getting on and off the bike.  Instead of our typical process which involves me getting on, standing the bike up and then having her get on behind me, we had to change it up.  I would have to stay off the bike, leaving it on the side stand, and let her sit on the back as best she could and sort of grunt-swing-grunt her way to get her legs over it.  Then I would carefully get on, making sure not to hit her bad knee (on the left) and then stand the bike up.

With the wife only now being able to be a passenger, and certainly, a while longer before she can ride her own new bike, I’ve ridden a lot less this year than I did last year.  I know some of that is the hesitancy that comes with analyzing one’s own mortality, but mostly it is simply because riding had become an almost-every-weekend activity for us.   With her injury, we just haven’t done the miles.  Now, she’s said multiple times “hey, if you want to go ride, go…!” and absolutely means it.  For me, though, that means leaving her home while I go have fun.  I tried it once on a Saturday morning.  I indicated I’d go out for about three hours then come home.  I came home within an hour-and-a-half.  It just didn’t feel right to “go have fun” and leave her at home.

With the weather turning colder, it likely means even less riding for us.  Sure, I’ll still ride to work on the not-too-crappy and definitely-no-ice days, but I still tend to avoid the motorcycle commute on precipitation-heavy days and just take the SUV.  With winter coming (and that means rain here, not snow), and the wife still having a few more physical therapy visits and the fact that fall and winter are just so…. busy for us, the amount of riding will most definitely taper off until spring arrives.  I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that she’s not even going to ride her bike until spring.  Even though she’s walking, and maybe getting her way onto my bike as a passenger that is not even close to being able to hold up her own bike.  If I’m lucky, we’ll get some really warm days in December, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll be able to get out to some parking lots and start familiarizing herself with a bike we bought about two months ago and is sitting on a battery tender getting tire rot!

But, like all things weather-related… it will get nice again at some point.  Here’s looking forward to when we can ride again….each on our own bike and fully healthy.

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