Review: EarPeace – Motorsport Earplugs

Here's a pretty detailed review, as used in the real world, of the EarPeace Motosport ear plugs. Verdict? Read on. (Also, I was not paid for nor asked to write this review.)

The Accident Story

Back in late July (2018) my wife wrecked her bike.  She's a very careful, deliberate rider.  She gears up very well, including leather half-chaps that cover the knee, kevlar jeans, kevlar arm sleeves, and, of course, a helmet.  Likely these pieces of gear prevented her accident from being worse than it was. I had just … Continue reading The Accident Story

Not a Lot of Room Under the Seat (aka “Upgrading your Bike”)

Fiddling with your ride.  One of the simple joys of owning a motorcycle for those that are (at least slightly) handy.  It seems that anytime I have 10 minutes to spare from work, family, etc. that I find myself Googling phrases like "cool motorcycle gadgets". First off, bear in mind that while your bike alone … Continue reading Not a Lot of Room Under the Seat (aka “Upgrading your Bike”)